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CY20 hydraulic spring operating mechanism

2020-08-20 10:00:48
CY20 hydraulic spring operating mechanism
Detailed introduction:

CY20 hydraulic spring operating mechanism

1、 Overview

CY20 spring hydraulic operating mechanism is an important part of high-voltage circuit breaker spring hydraulic operating mechanism, is the core control component of high-voltage power transmission transformation large-scale equipment, especially yt-80 spring hydraulic operating mechanism with self-defense ability is one of the important conditions related to the safety of power grid. For a long time, no good solution has been found at home abroad, which poses a great threat to the safe operation of power grid.

CY20 spring hydraulic operating mechanism is a patented product invented developed by our company. Its performance adopts the unique closing opening delay technology to meet the self-defense ability requirements of high-voltage circuit breaker. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, advanced performance, stable closing opening time high reliability.

2、 Main technical innovation points of products

1. In the main structure, the energy storage working cylinder suit structure is adopted;

2. Compared with the similar products abroad, it has the advantages of less sealing, less parts, low cost, good processability, simple structure high reliability;

3. In particular, the design of its hydraulic system with self-defense ability has the advantages of stable closing opening time, small error, simple structure low cost compared with similar foreign products;

4. In the design of control valve, the sealing principle structure without external high voltage is realized, so there is no possibility of high-voltage dynamic leakage. According to the executive standard of State Grid, the reliability of the whole structure is greatly improved;

5. It can completely replace imported products.

3、 Basic principles key technical contents

The basic principle of the project is: the spring hydraulic operating mechanism mainly changes the quality flow rate of high-pressure oil through the closure hole, controls the movement time of the piston rod, so as to delay the opening of the opening gate valve of the piston rod, so as to ensure the closing opening time of the circuit breaker during reclosing operation. Due to the hydraulic transmission principle, the device has high reliability, stable closing opening time small error. After 5000 mechanical life tests, the closing opening time error is only 3MS. It can fully meet the operating conditions that the three-phase synchronization is no more than 3 ms (required by the State Grid) when the circuit breaker recloses for the second time.

At present, the high-voltage circuit breaker operating in power grid has no self-defense ability, the closing opening time are controlled by time relay. The domestic manufacturers of high-voltage circuit breaker have developed the circuit breaker with real self-defense ability. ABB company in Switzerland uses the damping effect of the closure hole to promote the differential pressure to move towards the piston drive the circuit of the travel switch closing opening coil to realize self-defense ability. Due to the arc factor when the travel switch contacts closes the travel switch belongs to mechanical movement, there are unstable factors, which make the closing opening time unstable, with large error low reliability, the closing opening time error is greater than 6ms, It can meet the operating conditions that the three-phase synchronization is no more than 3 ms (required by the State Grid) when the circuit breaker is reclosing for the second time. Based on years of experience, the company's technical personnel have developed developed the actuator, which has met the requirements of self-defense capability of high-voltage circuit breaker. Its structure technical performance are the first at home abroad, its technology is at the leading level at home abroad.

4、 Main technical indicators

Technical quality indexes of CY20 spring hydraulic operating mechanism:

Opening power: CY20-4 6400j CY20-8 11000j

Closing power: CY20-4 2300j CY20-8 3500j

Rated voltage of opening coil: DC 220 / 110V

Rated current of opening coil: DC 1.6/3.2a

Rated voltage of closing coil: DC 220 / 110 V

Rated current of closing coil: DC 1.6/3.2a

Opening time: 15 ~ 20ms

Closing time: 50 ~ 80ms

Opening closing time: 0.28 ~ 0.3s

Self defense capability time (closing opening time): 40-60ms (adjustable)

Self defense capability time error: ≤ 2 ms

Mechanical life: 6000 times

Minimum opening voltage: 45% rated voltage

Minimum closing action voltage: 45% rated voltage



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