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CT50 Spring operating mechanism

2020-08-20 10:21:26
CT50 Spring operating mechanism
Detailed introduction:

1、 Purpose

Ct50 spring mechanism is a new generation of portable products with comprehensive innovation. It can provide matching sulfur hexafluoride high-voltage circuit breaker (GCB)  totally enclosed combined electrical apparatus (GIS). The product is suitable for 126 / 145kV GIS / AIS three-phase linkage operation  252kV GIS / AIS single-phase operation. Its performance index meets the requirements of "high voltage circuit breaker gb1984-2003"  the technical conditions of this product.

Ct50 products are widely concerned  selected by Pinggao electric, Taishan high voltage, Korea Xiaoxing, Korea Rijin, new northeast electric, ZTE Chuangyuan, abb, Siemens  other customers.

2、 Product matching machine

Product matching machine

3、 Shape  structure of products

Shape  structure of products

4、 Structural features of products

Structural features of products

1. Energy storage motor; 2. Double opening electromagnet; 3. Auxiliary switch; 4. Closing spring; 5. Opening spring; 6. Closing speed regulating bolt; 7. Opening  closing speed regulating bolt; 8. Opening  closing oil buffer; 9. Output crank arm; 10. Anti misclosing interlocking rod; 11. Closing electromagnet

Product structure features:

1. The invention patent provides a high-voltage switch operating mechanism with reasonable structure, convenient installation  easy maintenance. Compared with CT20  ct30, the invention patent adopts new technology  new structure. With the advantages of high reliability, small size, small weight  low cost, it provides a choice for miniaturized  intelligent high voltage switch.

2. The opening spring  closing spring share the same guiding cylinder. The closing spring is outside the guide cylinder,  the opening spring is inside the guide cylinder. The closing spring stores energy for the opening spring in a straight line. It has the advantages of small mechanical loss, high mechanical efficiency, small volume  easy miniaturization.

3. There are two independent opening coils, which meet the requirements of State Grid.

4. The energy storage of closing spring adopts bearing guide, no mechanical friction, high mechanical efficiency  reliable closing.

5. The opening spring is directly connected with the circuit breaker through the crank arm, without any obstruction  reliable opening.

6. It can be operated manually,  the mechanical life is 10000 times.

5、 Input  output technical parameters table of ct50 spring operating mechanism

Input  output technical parameters table of ct50 spring operating mechanism

6、 Oscillogram of mechanical characteristics of products

Oscillogram of mechanical characteristics of products

7, The advanced technology.

The advanced technology