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F11 auxiliary switch

2020-08-21 11:03:31
F11 auxiliary switch
Detailed introduction:

1、 Overview

F11 series auxiliary switches are suitable for the control of closing, opening, interlocking signal indication of high-voltage switch operating mechanism, as well as various high-voltage switch cabinets. It can also be used as transfer combination switch.

The series of auxiliary switches are direct drive type, each section contains a pair of static contacts, which are divided into two specifications: with delay contact without delay contact. The time delay contact can compensate the action time delay of the anti trip relay, the instantaneous contact solves the problem that the electronic components such as the electronic counter in the switch are easy to burn out after being charged for a long time. The product adopts a fully enclosed structure, suitable for use in various harsh environments, reaching the international advanced technology level.

2、 Conditions of use

a. Ambient air temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

b. Altitude: no more than 3000m;

c. The humidity conditions are as follows: the average value of relative humidity measured within 24h does exceed 95%; the average value of water vapor pressure measured within 24h does exceed 2.2kpa; the average value of monthly relative humidity does exceed 90%; the average value of monthly water vapor pressure does exceed 1.8kpa;

d. The vibration acceleration shall be greater than 15m / S;

e. The surrounding air is obviously polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive combustible gases, vapor salt spray.



6、 Structure working principle

1. Structure

The outline installation dimensions of F11 auxiliary switch are shown in Fig. (1) Fig. (3), the wiring status is shown in Fig. (2) Fig. (4) (taking f11-24 / 27-y2b f11-24 / 25 Ⅱ - B as examples).

F11 series auxiliary switch is composed of several units with the same structure. The insulating base is made of polycarbonate injection molding, which has high heat resistance insulation performance. The moving contact is of high elasticity bimetal riveting, the silver contact the static contact are of clamping type. It has simple structure. Reliable contact, large breaking current, good insulation performance long service life.

2. How it works

F11 series auxiliary switch is of direct drive structure. The square shaft is driven by the power of belt handle. The square shaft drives the moving contact piece to rotate inside the switch. Through the contact separation between the moving contact the static contact, the switch contact can be connected disconnected, the electrical circuit can be controlled.

7、 Ordering instructions

When ordering, please indicate:

1. Product name, model quantity;

2. The terminal is provided by the user, the model is rf250 terminal;

3. If the user has other special requirements, please explain.



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