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F12 DC, AC auxiliary switch

2020-08-21 11:17:57
F12 DC, AC auxiliary switch
Detailed introduction:

1、 Overview

F12 series auxiliary switch is one of the supporting components of high voltage switch operating mechanism. It is suitable for the control of high voltage switch closing switch.

Main features:

1. The DC contact is specially used to control the DC 220 V 110 V closing coil opening coil, the breaking current can reach 10 a when the breaking current is DC220 v.

2. Compared with the existing auxiliary switch, the contact has the advantages of reliable connection, oxidation resistance corrosion resistance.

3. This series of auxiliary switch has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use long service life, which is an ideal replacement product.

2、 Conditions of use

1. Ambient air temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

2. The altitude of the installation site shall exceed 2000m;

3. The conditions are as follows: the average value of relative humidity measured within 24 hours is more than 95%; the average value of water vapor pressure measured within 24 hours is more than 2.2 kPa; the average value of monthly relative humidity is more than 90%; the average value of monthly water vapor pressure is more than 1.8 kPa, the condensation on the product surface due to temperature change is considered;

4. The acceleration is more than 15m / m2;

5. The air is obviously polluted by dust, smoke, corrosive combustible gases, steam salt spray.


5、 Structural features

1. The contact is a bridge type double break point structure, the contact material is agnilo;

2. The switch contact can be installed with permanent magnet arc extinguishing, the quantity can be made according to the user's requirements;

3. It can be made into various delay contacts, users need to provide clear technical requirements.